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Personal and Corporate Classes

We offer personal i.e. one to one classes both in person or on-line, whichever suits you.

We also offer Corporate classes i.e. classes in the workplace maybe as part of a 'Health at Work' program or as a single class as part of a stress reduction activity.

Both personal and corporate classes or courses need to be specially arranged to suit the client and the tutor's schedules. Contact details are at te bottom of the page

Personal Classes

Personal classes are given by Sifu Don Spargo.

They can be in person i.e. face to face either in the Academy or at a place of your choosing, or via a Zoom link.

A personal class is highly recommended for those new to Tai Chi Chuan since the tutor is able to devote all their attention to you, and progress can be much quicker, which is helpful if time for training is tight. The same is true if it is an on-line one to one class.

To arrange a class contact Sifu Don Spargo either by telephone or e mail to arrange a mutually suitable date and time for the class. Details are at the bottom of the page

Payment for classes can be made in advance via Paypal. Once a time and date has been arranged you will then be sent a link to a payment page.

In the event of the class being cancelled by the instructor your payment will be fully refunded. There is no refund for your non-attendance at the class, although you will be offered an alternative time and date at no extra cost.

Corporate Classes

Many people find difficulty in achieving a suitable work-life balance and are looking for ways to cope with and reduce stress that has built up as a result of their workload. Tai Chi Chuan can be very helpful as an activity to help reduce stress and teach people how to relax both physically and mentally. When performed in a class in the workplace Tai Chi can also act as a bonding or team building exercise, through group or partner exercises. If you wish to arrange either a Tai Chi course or single classes please e mail us to arrange the details.

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