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12 Step Form of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan

The 12 step form was created by Grand Master Wu Kwong Yu in 2018 to provide a simplified introductory form for beginners and people new to Wu's style Tai Chi Chuan. Although a simplified form it offers the possibility of introducing the different levels of Tai Chi Chuan practice to the more experienced student.

Listen to audio instructions for the 12 step Form:

You can see the 12 step form performed by Grandmaster Eddie Wu Kwong Yu (white Shirt) his sister Sifu Cynthia Wu Hsia Fung (directly behind master Wu) and members of the Singapore Academy here

  1. The Beginning of Tai Chi Chuan,
  2. Raise Hands,
  3. Play Guitar
  4. Brush Knee and Push (left)
  5. Step Forward and Brush Knee and Push (right)
  6. Step back Repulse Monkey
  7. Fair Lady works at shuttle
  8. Turn Body, Brush Knee and push
  9. Step forward and Punch
  10. Push Forward
  11. Carry Tiger to Mountain
  12. Conclusion of Tai Chi Chuan

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