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Children's 15 Step Form of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan

  1. The Beginning (Raise Hands) (Play Guitar)
  2. Grasp Bird’s Tail
  3. Single Whip
  4. Snake Creeps Down
  5. Step Up Seven Stars
  6. Step Back Ride Tiger
  7. Turn Body Slap Face
  8. Turn Body Double Lotus Kick
  9. Bend Bow Shoot Tiger
  10. Slap Face With Palm
  11. Turn Body and Strike With Back of Fist
  12. Step Forward High Pat on Horse
  13. Step Forward Grasp Bird’s Tail
  14. Single Whip
  15. Conclusion of Tai Chi Chuan
Press play on the video below to see Junayde (aged 7) performing the 15 step Children's form

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