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54 Step Competition Form of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan

The 54 step form was curated by Master Wu Kwong Yu and his Uncle Master Wu Tai Hsin between 2000 an 2002 to provide a common platform for judging in Tai Chi Forms competitions. It is meant to be performed as a continuous, circular set of larger frame forms, i.e. larger than the standard 108 movements. The recommended time for The 54 Form is between 5 and 6 minutes.

  1. The Beginning, Raise Hands, Play Guitar
  2. Grasp Bird's Tail
  3. Single Whip, Slant Flying
  4. Raise Hands
  5. White Crane Spreads Wings
  6. Brush Knee and Push
  7. Step Forward and Punch
  8. Push Forward
  9. Carry Tiger To The Mountain
  10. Cross Hands (change to)
  11. Brush Knee and Push (left)
  12. Needle At Sea Bottom
  13. Play Arms Like A Fan (change to slant position)
  14. Fist Under Elbow
  15. Step Back And Repulse Monkey (left)
  16. Slant Flying (change to)
  17. Wave Hands Like A Cloud (twice)
  18. Single Whip

---- conclusion of section 1 ----

  1. High Pat On Horse (left)
  2. Right, Left Separate Foot Kick
  3. Turn Body And Kick With Heel (change to)
  4. Step Forward And Punch Down
  5. Turn Body And Strike Fist To Back
  6. High Pat On Horse (right separate hands)
  7. First Raise Foot (Step Back Seven Stars)
  8. Step Back And Hit The Tiger
  9. Second Raise Foot
  10. Strike Opponent's Ears With Fist
  11. Lean Back and Kick
  12. Turn Body and Kick With Heel (change to)
  13. Wild Horse Separates Mane (right)
  14. Fair Lady Works At Shuttles (twice)
  15. Single Whip

---- conclusion of section 2 ----

  1. Snake Creeps Down
  2. Golden Cock (left and right)
  3. Step Back and Repulse Monkey (twice, left and right, change to)
  4. Slap Face With Palm
  5. Turn Body and Single Lotus Kick
  6. Brush Knee and Push
  7. Step Forward and Punch To Opponent's Lower Abdomen
  8. Step Forward and Grasp Bird's Tail
  9. Single Whip

---- conclusion of section 3 ----

  1. Snake Creeps Down
  2. Step Forward Seven Stars
  3. Step Back, Ride The Tiger
  4. Turn Body Slap Face With Palm
  5. Turn Body and Double Lotus Kick
  6. Shoot Tiger (High Pat On Horse)
  7. Slap Face With Palm
  8. Turn Body and Strike Fist To Back
  9. Step Forward High Pat On Horse
  10. Step Forward Grasp bird's Tail
  11. Single Whip
  12. Conclusion of Tai Chi Chuan

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