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Aims and Objectives

We began in December 2003 as The Tai Chi Chuan Association (The Association) as a not-for-profit organisation and later became Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Archway, London, after Academy status was conferred on us by Grandmaster Wu Kwong Yu in November 2004. It is managed for the benefit of its members by the management committee. The association is governed by a constitution and rules of association, and remains a not for profit organisation.

The main objectives for which The Tai Chi Chuan Association is established are:

  • The furtherance of study, practice and training of all aspects of Tai Chi Chuan and related disciplines (including Qi Gong).
  • The particular furtherance of study, practice and training of all aspects of Wu's style Tai Chi Chuan.
  • To improve the health and quality of life of members of the community, including the elderly and the sick by advancing Tai Chi Chuan as a therapeutic exercise.
  • To encourage and promote an understanding of the main cultural, historical and philosophical influences on the development of Tai Chi Chuan.

In the furtherance of these objects, the Association will endeavour:

To set and improve standards to ensure safe and effective teaching and practice of Wu's Style Tai Chi Chuan in Great Britain and to put in place an audit strategy to monitor the quality of this practice;

To promote study and training in Tai Chi Chuan in all its aspects being mainly, but not confined to, Wu's style and informed by an understanding of the principles of Chinese history, philosophy, culture and science;

To liaise with practitioners of Tai Chi Chuan and other martial arts worldwide;

To promote public awareness in Great Britain of the benefits of Tai Chi Chuan in general and Wu's style Tai Chi Chuan in particular.

To do all such other things as are consistent with the attainment of any or all of the above objects.

Provided that:

(i) The aims of The Association shall be in no way political;

(ii) The Association shall be nonprofit-making; all funds generated by its activities shall be used to pay for expenses necessary for the furthering of its objectives.

The Management Committee of the Tai Chi Chuan Association comprises
  • Chairman - Don Spargo
  • Treasurer - Don Spargo
  • Secretary - Gillian Goodchild
  • Events & Promotion - Vacant

The committee meets three times a year to discuss the business of the association. The committee members are elected at the AGM which is usually held in February.

The next Committee meeting is on Friday September 8th @ 7pm, via Zoom.

The next AGM will be on 16th February 2024 at 7pm, Venue to be decided