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Children's 10 week Tai Chi Chuan Course

The next children's course starts Thursday 14th September 5pm - 6pm Book a course

The 10 week children's course aims to teach Children the basic principles and practice of Tai Chi Chuan as exemplified in the Wu family style of Tai Chi Chuan. Classes are held in upper Hargrave Hall on Thursday afternoons 5:00 - 6:00 pm during school term times.

Press play on the video below to see Junayde (aged 7) performing the 15 step Children's form

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Where, when and how much?

Classes are held at Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Archway

in Upper Hargrave Hall, Hargrave Road,

Islington, N19 5SP

Thursday afternoons 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Classes are aligned with the school terms so there will be a half term break in the course

For a location map click here

Click here for directions to The Academy.

If you have any questions about the class

or require further details

either e mail the tutor or phone 07789 703 408

Class Format and syllabus

Classes comprise the following activities

  • Warm up exercises - for toning, conditioning and general fitness
  • Rolls and break falls - to develop physical confidence
  • Tai Chi Forms - for balance, coordination and focus
  • Wu style 12 step form - a sequence of Tai Chi Movements
  • Meditation - for focus and developing midfulness and inner calmness
  • Push hands - to develop martial skills
What to wear

Children should wear:

  • T shirt or sweat shirt - academy t shirts are available
  • Jogging bottoms or loose fitting trousers
  • pumps, trainers or kung fu slippers, stocking feet are acceptable but please - not bare feet
Etiquette and behaviour

Good behaviour and proper conduct are important in all martial arts. The following are the ground rules for acceptable behaviour whilst training at the academy.

  1. Be punctual both when arriving and leaving
  2. Be attentive and diligent in your training
  3. Be respectful to the teacher and to fellow students
  4. Do not bully or intimidate fellow students
  5. No eating or chewing in classes - water is permitted
  6. Be suitably dressed, presentable, neat and clean in appearance

Ground rules for parents

If you are staying to watch the class remember that you are not the teacher. You may think that you are encouraging your child by shouting out advice, but it divides the child's focus. So please if you are watching, watch in silence, give encouragement afterwards. The child's focus should be on the teacher and not the parent.

Why Children should learn Tai Chi Chuan

Research has established a positive correlation between the level of physical activity and self esteem, therefore in a sense any activity is good for children, so what is particularly good about Tai Chi Chuan?

There is a spurious notion that exercise must be high activity and linked to competitive sport, to be of any benefit and therefore Tai Chi, which often seen as 'exercise for oldies' is hardly ever associated with young, developing, minds and bodies. This is a tragic mistake.

Tai Chi Chuan requires good balance and coordination, the ability to relax, focus and concentrate and is done both as solo and group exercise. It emphasises attaining inner calmness for both personal development and social development, as well as developing self confidence and the ability to deal with change.

Some evidence of the benefits of Tai Chi for young people have been reported in the press. Follow the link to read the Daily Mail article..

Many Children are put off physical activity because it is structured in some sort of competitive framework where the child is part of a team and the aim is to win against an opposing team or opponent. Tai Chi Chuan is practiced mainly as a means of self development, in a non competitive manner, where progress is measured in self referent terms i.e. how much the individual has improved. It is therefore ideal for those who wish to exercise but not to compete.

However because it is a martial art Tai Chi Chuan can have a sporting element, both as demonstrations of the quality of movement (Forms) and in the discipline of Tui Shou or pushing hands, which is a form of wrestling. There is therefore a large range of activities available as exercise for a child (or adult), in the art of Tai Chi Chuan.

Lastly there is a deeper agenda to taking up Tai Chi Chuan, and that is to make exercise part of the normal lifestyle, both of the child and the emerging adult. Gradually they will understand that some form of exercise and activity is good for a person's health and should be done on a regular basis to achieve a happy and healthy life. If the child takes on this idea it will be a real advantage to them in adulthood, and in Tai Chi they have a comprehensive exercise system that requires little equipment or space. Learning Tai Chi Chuan is a gift for life, just as much as reading, writing or arithmetic.

The Tutor

Don Spargo is chief instructor at Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Archway and has many years of experience teaching Tai Chi both to adults and to Children. He is fully insured with Lloyds of London via insure4sport , CRB (DBS) checked and accredited by the International Wu Style Federation and The Tai Chi Union of Great Britain .

Classes for your school or organisation

The academy used to run regular children's classes for the Woodlands Montessori Primary School as part of their physical education curriculum. These classes were open only to pupils at the school. Several of the children from the school went in for the 6th London Tai Chi Chuan Competition in June 2013. As can be seen from the picture above they achieved medals in both Form and push hands competitions.

We have run taster or experience classes for various schools such as Finchley Catholic High School, Whitefield school and Hargrave Park School.

In 2023, we ran a series of 6 classes for the International Spanish School in Portobello Road, West London to teach children of different ages throughout the school about Tai Chi Chuan

Should you wish to set up Tai Chi lessons for children at your school or Children's group please contact the Academy administration.