Chief Instructor - Don Spargo

Don teaches the Monday and Wednesday Intermediate level classes as well as the advanced class on Tuesday. He offers private tuition by appointment


I began training in Tai Chi Chuan in September 1988, with Sifu Gary Wragg at what was then the London Center for Wu's style Tai Chi Chuan, later to become Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy (UK), the first of the Wu's Style Academies in the U.K.

I began teaching in early 1991 and was honoured to be made a disciple of Grandmaster Wu Kwong Yu in April 1996.

I was instrumental in setting up the Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Archway in December 2003, and have been the head instructor there ever since.

Outside of the Academy I have run classes and courses for organisations such as Independent Television News, The Highgate Literary and Scientific Society, Price Waterhouse Coopers, The Stroke Association, The Dysphasic Adults society, The British Medical Association and the London Wildlife trust at Woodberry Wetlands.

I have taught children with special educational needs at Whitefield School,and have taught classes at Finchley Catholic school. I also ran a class for primary school children at Woodlands Montessori school. I have taught classes to residents at St. Annes Care Home in Finsbury Park

In addition I have participated in and organised numerous public demonstrations for organisations as diverse as Hackney Council and Centrica. I have competed in various competitions taking medals in forms and push hands events. I have also judged at local and National events. Links with other schools and styles have come through my former position on the executive committee of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

I am a registered "A" grade instructor with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain, and the National Association of Karate and Martial arts schools. In May 2012 I achieved level 5 of the Chinese Wushu Association Duan Wei grading.

My aim is to help spread knowledge of Tai Chi Chuan (particularly Wu's style) and its benefits to the general community. Under the guidance and tutelage of Master Wu Kwong Yu I hope to fulfil this ambition. In addition I hope that I am able to pass on some sense of the pleasure I get from practicing Tai Chi Chuan to those who will follow, and enthuse them sufficiently to maintain the art in an intact state.

Don Spargo

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