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Current Instructors

Our Current Instructors

  • Have all been registered and certified by the International Wu style Federation;

  • have been trained in First Aid by the Red Cross or Siren First aid ;

  • Are insured with Lloyds of London through Insure4sport ;

  • Instructors registered as S (Senior) Grade with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain are marked *.

  • Instructors with an enhanced CRB (DBS) check are marked ®.

    • Guest Instructors

      Click on the image of the instructor to view their personal profile.

      Our guest instructors are the various teachers from different Academies and Training centres who have given (or still give ) classes on various special topics.

      Grandmaster Wu Kwong Yu

      Grandmaster Wu Kwong Yu is 5th Generation Gatekeeper of the Wu's style of Tai Chi Chuan.

      His tuition at his regular Archway workshops is always inspirational and full of content.

      Gabriel & Sabre

      Gabriel Tang (Tang Wai Kin) is a 5th Generation disciple of Master Wu Tai Hsin, with whom he studied for many years. His speciality is weapons training, Forms, applications and sparring. He gave workshops at the academy on various aspects of Tai Chi weapons training.

      No Profile available

      Peter Gravett is a medical practitioner (Haematologist), now retired, who used acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine in his medical practise.

      He gives the occasional special class in Medical QiGong to senior members of the Academy

      No Profile available

      Jae Willis

      Jae Willis used to give workshops on various types of competition push hands.


      Eileen Ford-Price gave a workshop in 2009 entitled "Adjusting your Tai Chi for age and illness".

      Eileen and her husband Tim ran the Cotswold's Wu's style training centre.

      Mark Langweiler

      Mark Langweiler gave several workshops on Chin Na at the Academy

      Lo Yu Bin from the Singapore Academy taught Spear Form at the Archway Academy

    Former Instructors

    Click on the image of the instructor to view their personal profile.

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    Susie Collins ®

    Kieran Gibb

    Steve Wright® Died of Covid-19 in April 2020

    Read his In Memoriam page

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    Roy Constantine® has retired and no longer teaches at the Academy

    No Profile available

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    Neville Cote® now runs the Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy - Brixton.

    Richard Docksey is currently living and working in Singapore and training at the Singapore Academy

    No Profile available


    Zorica Rajic died July 1st 2023. Click the link to read her in Memoriam page

    Eike Sindlinger

    Eike Sindlinger® trains at the Academy, but is not teaching at present.

    No Profile available

    Peter Carey

    Peter Carey is currently living and working in Beijing.

    No Profile available

    Warren Gavin is now living and working near Lisbon.

    No Profile available

    John Wilsher no longer teaches at the Academy

    No Profile available