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108 movements of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Sabre Form

Broadsword Form

  1. Beginning of Tai Chi Sabre
  2. Grasp Bird's Tail
  3. Turn Body, Brush Knee and Push
  4. Cross Tao
  5. Step Forward and Cover Knee
  6. Evade, Stretch and Watch Tao
  7. Step Forward and Watch Tao
  8. Step Forward (left) and Take Star
  9. Step Forward and Strike To Groin
  10. Retreat and Capture Tao
  11. Heart Splitting Stroke
  12. Embrace Moon
  13. Ugly Girl testing The Sea
  14. Retreat and Strike
  15. Turn Body and Strike To Groin
  16. Embrace Moon
  17. Push Shutters and Gaze At Moon
  18. Accipiter Turning Its' Body
  19. Turn Body and Watch Tao
  20. Raise, Take, Sink, Grasp and Hide Tao
  21. Strike At Face
  22. Turn Body and Hide Tao
  23. Strike Knee
  24. Raise Tao and Test The Sea
  25. Step Forward and Strike
  26. Raise, Take and Hide Tao
  27. Dragon Dashes Out of the Water
  28. Turn Body and Hide Tao
  29. Strike Upwards Thrice
  30. Take Off Shoes In A Drunken Mood
  31. Ugly Girl Testing The Sea
  32. Turn Body and Hide Tao
  33. Heart Splitting Stroke
  34. Retreat and Strike
  35. Sweeping Comet Chasing The Moon
  36. Cross Sweep A Thousand Soldiers
  37. Embrace Moon
  38. Push Shutters and Gaze at Moon
  39. Turn Body and Hide Tao
  40. Heart Splitting Stroke
  41. Retreat and Strike
  42. Step Forward and Take Tao
  43. Netting The Moon
  44. Retreat and Grasp Tao
  45. Heart Splitting Stroke
  46. Embrace Moon
  47. Push Shutters and Gaze at Moon
  48. Strike Tiger
  49. Fierce Tiger Jumping Creek
  50. Strike at Face
  51. Lying Tiger
  52. Turn Body and Hide Tao
  53. Heart Splitting Stroke
  54. Winding Dragon Upright Tao
  1. Fast Step Winding Dragon
  2. Fast Step Flooding Cloud
  3. Hiding The Tao
  4. Hooking Double
  5. Defend Knee
  6. Step Forward and Strike
  7. Lying Tiger
  8. Lying Fish
  9. Turn Body and Watch Tao
  10. Step Forward and Strike Face
  11. Retreat Lying Tiger
  12. Lying Fish
  13. Turn Body and Watch Tao
  14. Step Forward, Heart Splitting Stroke
  15. Turn Body, Stop Tao
  16. Green Snake Lies On Ground
  17. Heart Splitting Stroke
  18. Turn Body and Strike
  19. Speeding The Horse With Whip
  20. Golden Needle Pointing South
  21. By-pass Step and Strike
  22. Step Back, Slant Flying
  23. Raise Tao To Test Sea
  24. Step Forward and Strike
  25. Retreat, Evade and Stretch
  26. Tyrannical King Raises Whip
  27. Double Hanging Strike
  28. Retreat and Strike
  29. Step Forward and Strike Groin
  30. Cross Sweep A Thousand Soldiers
  31. Sweeping Comet Chasing The Moon
  32. Slant Flying
  33. Twist Step, Embrace Moon
  34. Riding With Wind, Splitting The Waves
  35. Embrace Moon
  36. Turn Hand, Slice Clouds
  37. Taking The Star
  38. Retreat and Crack Tao
  39. Turn Arm and Plant Seedlings
  40. Double Strike
  41. Heart Splitting Stroke
  42. Lying Fish
  43. Slice Clouds
  44. Turn Body and Carry Basket
  45. Fast Step Slice Horse
  46. Turn Body, Strike Left and Right
  47. Taking Tao from The Right
  48. Lying Tiger
  49. Turn Body and Hide Tao
  50. Heart Splitting Stroke
  51. Step Forward and Cross Tao
  52. Brush Knee and Push
  53. Withdraw Tao
  54. Conclusion of Tai Chi Tao

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