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About our seated Tai Chi Class

Our seated Tai Chi class is for anyone who has mobility issues either because they are a Wheelchair user, or have limited mobility i.e. difficulty in walking any distance, yet still want to take exercise.

Class activities and format

The class begins with some warm up exercises to raise the metabolism and exercise joints and muscles to help increase the circulation and prepare for the Tai Chi movements. This is followed by some breathing exercises (Chi Kung) to aid concentration and focus as well as develop coordination. The remainder of the class is devoted to learning of the Tai Chi Chuan movements for the seated form. The class ends with a run through of the complete set of Tai Chi movements (other wise known as The Form).

Click here to see Grandmaster Wu Kwong Yu demonstrating the seated Form

Class Fees and times

The fee for the class is £2, block booking is available. The class is on Tuesdays 1:30 - 2:30pm

Access to the Venue

Lessons will be held at: Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Archway - Lower Hocking Hall

Whittington Park Community Centre

Yerbury Road - London N19 4RS

The hall can be accessed either by the main entrance of the community centre in Yerbury Road and following the signposted internal route to the hall, or can be accessed via a temporary ramp into the hall entrance in Rupert Road.

Let us know you're coming
Participants can come along to the class on an 'as and when' basis though it is better to attend regularly to get most benefit. However if it's your first time attending the class you might like to write to us and let us know you're coming. Click on the link below to send us an e mail.

For enquiries or more information:

Tel: 07789 703408

The Academy Entrance

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