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Practice at the Archway Academy
General Tai Chi Chuan Practice

This is a video compilation of the various activities that take place during normal intermediate and senior classes at the Archway Academy. The film was shot over several weeks in spring 2009 shows some of the activities and training that takes place in normal classes. Please note the speed of some of the activities has been altered for dramatic effect.

Tai Chi Chuan Form Practice

The second of the two compilations by Richard Docksey shows various aspects of the 108 Movement form of Wu's style Tai Chi Chuan practiced by Members and Instructors of Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Archway, London.

"Repulse Monkey" Form and applications Practice

This video shows the form "repulse monkey" performed by the group and then as the application performed from different angles and approaches.

Intermediate and Senior Members and instructors of Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy practising throws and sweeps.

Members of the academy in Push hands training

This video shows some of the many forms of push hands training, showing different hand and foot coordinations used in push hands training as well as different stepping patterns.

The 12 step form

To see a demonstration of the 12 step form performed by members of Wu's style Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Hong Kong click here. The commentary on the movements and actions is by Grandmaster Wu Kwong Yu.

Wu Family Videos

The 108 movements of Wu's style Tai Chi Chuan performed by Grandmaster Wu Kwong Yu Form.

The 32 movements of Wu's style seated (Wheelchair) form performed by Grandmaster Wu Kwong Yu

108 movement of Wu's style Tai Chi Chuan Jian (Sword Form) performed by Master Wu Yian Hsiah

The 108 Movements of Wu style Tai hi Chuan Dao (Sabre Form) performed by Wu Hsiao Fung

Film of Wu Ying Hua circa 1942 performing the Wu style slow Form

Sifu Wu Kwong Yu talking about Tai Chi (3 sections - 9 parts) in Los Angeles Club

Workshops at the Archway Academy

Film of a part of Master Wu's 2009 Workshops at the Archway Academy


Demonstration and workshop for Hackney Council in Shoreditch Park 2010. Members of the Academy try to encourage members of the public to try some Tai Chi in the park on probably the hottest day of the year.

Harbour City Restaurant - Gerrard st. - Soho - Demonstration by members of Wu's Ti Chi Chuan Academy December 2003. This shows various styles of push hands, spear exercises, spear freestyle, Sabre exercises and sparring, freestyle hand sparring. Four and a half minutes duration.

Wu Style Sabre Form demonstrated by Kevin Steele at the 75th Anniversary celebrations for the Hong Kong Academy


The following links show something of the sporting side of Tai Chi Chuan. Tai Chi 'wrestling' is known as Push hands (or pushing hands) and is either performed in a fixed stance or with free movement within an arena. The basic aim is to unbalance your opponent to score points; to that end in fixed feet push hands pulls, pushes and throws are allowed but not sweeps, strikes or locks. In moving step push hands sweeps, pushes, pulls and throws are allowed, but not strikes or locks.

Fixed feet pushing hands bout featuring Neville Cote

Moving step push hands bout featuring Jae Willis

Fixed feet push hands bout featuring Sean Lapham.

General Interest Tai Chi Videos

Athens academy Pushing Hands Practice

Interview with Master Ma & Wu Ying Hua

Another Interview With Master Ma Yueh Liang

Demonstration of applications from pushing hands by Sifu Tony Chan and students at an anniversary celebration in Singapore 2009

Freestyle Push Hands in the Toronto Academy

George Liew demonstrating

Dan Lee (student of Bruce Lee) talking about punching and striking, and tai chi

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